WFM Catering, which serves Austin and the surrounding market, needed a website that could increase the impact of their online presence and drive more RFP form submissions. We focused on communicating the quality of the food — organic and locally sourced! — and the experience of a WFM catered event. Our goal was to convey that quality regardless of which device a visitor used to view the site, and we did so with an open, mobile-first design full of color and large, beautiful photos from the WFM photo library.

Site visitors are encouraged to request a quote as a primary call to action throughout the site, leading to a dramatic increase in RFP submissions.


“Currently we have seen a 20% increase in RFP submissions year over year since implementing the new site. 

“ provided an outstanding experience from start to finish in developing and launching our new Whole Foods Market Catering site. The team did an excellent job outlining the steps in the process, gathering our team’s feedback and reflecting all of the pertinent info in the finished product. The new site is both gorgeous and effective. We have seen a strong uptick in site traffic as well as requests for proposals since the launch.”

– Kate Neu, Marketing Coordinator


Jason Van Pelt – Account Management, Interactive Direction, Strategy, Development
Annette Neu – Strategy, UX / Interaction Design, Visual Design

Something Interesting Happened...

Our client provided a ton of truly great photography from a shoot that coincided with our site design, really bringing out the best in our design and pulling the whole site together. The timing was tight — but it couldn’t have been better!