It’s always hardest to build your own website.

Like any website with an in-house team, the Peter Mayer website was under constant optimization and development. We employed an iterative process of identifying areas of the website that were ripe for updates, based on metrics and in response to changing industry standards and user needs. A team of UX, design, content and development specialists collaborated to define and create an optimal user experience that showed off our thinking on the site and through the site.

The primary goal of the Peter Mayer site is to function as a new business vehicle. It performs this duty through two key content types: examples of work and thought leadership. Our team believed that showing work did not mean everything needed to be a case study. We built the site to showcase work of varying depths, from a full-blown campaign to a single banner ad, with one requirement: it had to be good.


Peter Mayer Advertising – Agency
Jason Van Pelt – Director of Digital Production, Peter Mayer Advertising