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New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity | jvp.digital marketing production

Habitat NOLA has an interesting story to tell. Their mission is to increase homeownership in the community through a unique model building modest, well constructed homes through donations, volunteer labor, and “sweat equity” participation from partner families. Their guiding principle, “A hand up not a handout” guided us in our strategy for the tone and message of the website.

Habitat’s audience is primarily three groups: donors, volunteers, and partner families. Our goals were to increase donations and volunteer sign-ups, enabling people to act on their values while helping the community; and to demystify the requirements for becoming a partner family, alleviating the fear and uncertainty that keeps qualified families from applying for the program.

We accomplished these goals by focusing on storytelling, putting the work Habitat does for families in the community front and center. This allows potential applicants to see themselves as future success stories and encourages donors and volunteers by leading with’ the results of their generosity.


“Intake percentage went up to 71%—meaning this percentage of users applied and came to the first meeting and completed their paperwork. This is a HUGE gain…Thanks to all of you—our site is proving its value every day!”

– Marguerite Oestreicher,
 Chief Advancement Officer, New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity


Bent Media – Account Management, Strategy, Project Management
Jason Van Pelt – Interactive Direction, Strategy, Development, UX
Annette Neu – Strategy, UX / Interaction Design
Adrianne Kimbell – Visual Design, Art Direction
Barrett Macgowan – Copywriting

Something Interesting Happened...

As part of our research into the NOAHH experience our team volunteered on a construction team for one day during Habitat NOLA’s annual “Build-a-thon.” We were able to gain a deep understanding of who our clients were, who their message is truly aimed at, and the real, tangible outcome of their work. Also, it was a HOT, HOT New Orleans summer day with no shade! Whew.